30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 23


Admittedly, I’m grateful for an easy challenge. I’m a little grumpy (because of a very long week), so I’m fairly certain that my writing wouldn’t translate well…

Put your music on shuffle and post the first ten songs.

Before you read this, I swear, my iPod was one shuffle…the ratio of Josh Groban songs to other songs is a little crazy though. I’m also surprised that more Japanese songs didn’t pop up. (Also, I’m not good at music. I have a very random collection, but compared to most cool cats my age, I really don’t have a lot of music. I’m more content listening to soundtracks on YouTube.)

1.) Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

2.) Higher Window – Josh Groban

3.) Hero – Skillet

4.) Hidden Away – Josh Groban

5.) Feed the Machine – Red

6.) Pink Rose – Ritsu Namine

7.) One Winged Angel – Nobuo Uematsu

8.) Keep on Shinin’ – Third Day

9.) Rock What You Got – Superchick

10.) Un Dia Llegara [LIVE] – Josh Groban


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