30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 21


What three lessons do you want your children to learn from you?

Kids. Don’t I need a man to make those? Can I count my cats as children? Wait…never mind. I don’t want to even try to teach a cat something that doesn’t involve sleeping or eating.

But in all seriousness, I really hope my kids learn a lot. (And I really hope I can teach them everything.) I hope they learn to love culture and literature. I hope they learn to appreciate hard work and to follow their dreams…but let me see if I can narrow it down. My imaginary children don’t need to have too much pressure on them just yet.

1.) Learn what you can while you’re young.

There is a lot I wish I had stuck with. I wish I had learned a martial art or taken dance lessons. I wish I had pursued a second language and become bilingual before entering college. I wish I hadn’t quit piano or band. I wish I had gotten out and done more that I loved. Maybe it would have helped me later on. Even now, I find it difficult to stick with things and finish projects.

2.) Organize.
I procrastinate a lot. Kids. Don’t do it. I need to marry a man who doesn’t leave things until the last minute. My kids probably won’t learn this lesson from me. Trust me. I get the important things done, but sometimes I cut it very close.

3.) Learn to say no when you need to.

I’m a people pleaser. I wouldn’t wish that evil upon anyone. I wish I could learn to say no myself…


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  1. The third one is my biggest problem to. It has even reached a point were my teachers told me I don’t have to help everyone, so I told myself that I have to start being a bit meaner and some of my friends have understand that and try not to ask for help as much anymore.


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