30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 24


Okay…so I’m cheating a little bit. I’ve had a long day (week), and it’s late. I need to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for a 12 hour field trip. I’m going to be a little lazy. Please forgive me!

Write about a lesson you learned the hard way.

“Never cook bacon without your shirt on.”

At the age of four or five, I believe, my little brother spouted this wisdom on the way to school. The car had been completely silent before his tiny voice proudly declared this statement. To this day, no one knows where it came from. The depths of a child’s mind are quite endless I’ve come to realize. He could have pulled it from any corner of the universe. But why that moment?  My sister, father, and I all exchanged looks of shock before bursting into laughter. And that was that. The first of many Nate-isms.

Did I ever test this? No. When I cook bacon, I try to do it with a shirt on. But my little brother is careful to remind me almost EVERY time. And if he doesn’t, my father most certainly will. Guests at my home usually hear this and probably assume I’m some sort bacon-cooking nudist.

I’m not. I swear.


About WanderLost

I'm not good at writing about myself. If you decide to stick around, you could probably get to know me through my writing. I'm a word nerd and something of an adventurer. I'm bespectacled and freckled and a little lost. I like to think my writing can say the rest for me, if you're willing to check it out.

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