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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 16


….I’m technically not late for my post if you’re living on the West Coast. (I had a four hour Gospel Choir rehearsal yesterday. it…took a lot out of me. FORGIVE MY LAZINESS. I’ll get better.)

Something that you miss.

Right now? Do you want to know what I honestly miss right now? It’s not something deep and profound. It isn’t something particularly nostalgic. It’s cheese. I miss cheese. Cheese. (We were talking about things we wanted in my Japanese language class today. Other people wanted money or a car or a new laptop. I rambled on and on about tacos.)

I grew up in New Mexico. I currently live in Texas. I have always been surrounded by what call “Tex-Mex.” Essentially, it is bastardized Mexican food smothered in copious amounts of sauce. It isn’t pretty. It doesn’t look like it would taste good. I would give anything right now to dive into a giant burrito smothered in cheese and green chili sauce.

Funny story. A month ago, my parents tried to send me a package and caused an international incident. A note to all of my readers: do NOT ship cans of spray sunscreen to Japan. For the love of God, don’t do it! In short, they tried to send me a 30 lbs package which contained a 5 pound can of that crappy guilty pleasure cheese. The package did not get to me. They learned their lesson.

I finally begged them to send me a few items via the mail, mostly some strong sunscreen that WASN’T in a spray can. Much to my surprise (but not really) they sent me a few items to make me feel at home. The weirdest thing I got? A 3 pound jar of peanut butter. So while I now have a good protein supplement, I’m still missing out on cheese. But I’m glad I don’t have 5 lbs of it. I don’t even know what to do with 3 lbs of peanut butter!!