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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 15


At least in my time zone (American time zone) it’s still part of Day 15, so I’m not technically late! I tried to post earlier, but I had a little bit of internet trouble.

Bullet-point your whole day.

This seriously couldn’t have been any other day? Seriously? This is probably the most mundane day of my week. I apologize for how unexciting my life is.

9:15 – Alarm went off. (It’s Prince Gumball singing “Oh Fionna” if you must know.) I pretended to sleep for a while and waited until my roommate had left to get up.

9:45 – 11:00 – Lazed around in my room. Leisurely drank coffee, ate tiny anko-filled doughnuts, got dressed, and all that jazz

11:00 – Went to my dorm’s lobby and browsed the Internet for a bit

11:45 – Got lunch. It was boiled fish and vegetables in cream sauce!

12:15 – Went to the library

12:30 – 3:25 – Pretended to do homework. (I wasted all that time.)

3:30 – Went to my Japanese Archaeology class

5:00 – Dinner time! I had some roasted chicken and veggies.

5:45 – Got ice cream with my friend. Dinner was not big enough to satiate my American appetite.

6:30 – Went to the library and actually did my homework.

7:00 – Realized that I forgot to post my 30 Day Blog Challenge yesterday…

7:09 – Decided not to stress about it and write my blog post for the next day.

7:30  – Went to go help Gospel Choir move drums for rehearsal.

8:00 – Gospel Choir rehearsal

10:15 – Headed back to my room to finish some homework and get ready for bed.

And that was my Wednesday everyone. I’m sure you’re all thrilled by the super exciting life I’m living in Japan.