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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 28


Right now, I could really use a good laugh. I went to bed in a bad mood, and I woke up in a bad mood. It took a lot of caffeine to perk me up, but I had a serious case of the “don’t wannas.” I did everything I needed to do…but I certainly wasn’t happy about it. It’s almost 10 PM here, and I’m just now coming out of it. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be a better day!


Post 5 things that make you laugh out loud.

1.) It’s Tuesday again.

My sister sends me this joke a lot. Sometimes it’s Tuesday. Sometimes it isn’t. But if you don’t get the reference, this is probably one of my favorite Supernatural episodes. (Okay…I haven’t watched that much Supernatural, but this one gets me every time.) As a brief summary, Sam and Dean get trapped in a perpetual Tuesday. Worst. Tuesdays. Ever. As morbid as the subject matter is, somehow the writers manage to balance the morbidity well with humor. My sister and I constantly compare ourselves to Sam and Dean, so we appreciate the joke. I can’t even think about Tuesday without giggling.

2.) It’s a Monday.

Okay. I hate Mondays, but Olan Rogers makes me love them. Actually, if I’m ever down, I know for a fact that I can watch one of his videos and feel better. He’s probably my favorite YouTuber not just because he’s an awesome storyteller (and kind of my inspiration for this blog) but because he’s a genuinely nice guy. I love anything by him. And Ghost in the Stalls is probably one of the best videos out there. I’ve gotten to the point that when I hear the phrase, “It’s a Monday” I’m ready for action.

3.) The Importance of Being Earnest

A good friend of mine gave me this audiobook a while back. I listen to it every time I have a long car trip, and I always laugh out loud. The voice actors are beyond amazing at getting into their roles. If you’ve never read or seen the play, you need to. Now. I hear there’s a movie too. I really need to watch it.

4.) Ginger jokes

I’m a pretty good sport about most things, and soulless ginger jokes make me laugh hardcore. Sure, the same ones get a little old, but if you can get a good original one in, I’ll be laughing for the next hour or two.

5.) Markiplier

I started watching his gaming videos this year. I was trying to avoid putting two YouTubers on this list, but it’s hard to leave him out because he has become a big part of my laughter this semester. Like Olan Rogers, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. His commentary is hilarious. He makes fun of himself. Even when he rages it’s hilarious. I started watching his videos for some reason, and the jump scares… His jump scares are the best because his reactions are out of this world.

I appreciate every single laugh. Now I think I’m going to finish my Japanese homework and watch some Markiplier.