Gosh I hate describing myself. Honestly, it’s much easier to just get to know me because I’m terrible at first impressions. (For example, the Chinese exchange student at my high school my senior year found out that I’m not really a hair tousling freak after a few weeks.) I’m an undergrad majoring in both English and Japanese Studies. (But I dabble in other departments like theatre and history and psychology…and music. Honestly, I think I’ve done it all but math and science.) My five favorite things in this world are cats, Josh Groban, sweet potatoes, Benedict Cumberbatch, and the color purple. But fall, sweaters, and hot tea with no sugar are in my top eight favorite things for sure. I’ve decided to navigate my life in a new direction and enjoy my journey for once since my destination really isn’t anywhere in sight. I’ve got plenty of stories to tell, and I’m sure there are plenty of stories in the making. Hopefully someone out there can learn athing or two from my mishaps. If not, doesn’t everyone enjoy a good laugh? I know I do.Kat-Cherry-Blossoms

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