T is for Tobias



It’s April, and that means it’s time for the A to Z challenge. I really must be a glutton for punishment; April is my last month of college, and I’m still an amateur blogger, but I must say, I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’m going to be writing short little blurbs about some retired characters from my DISTANT past up until recently; all of them are failed concepts. Part of me is hoping that writing about these characters will inspire me…perhaps to write more during the summer when school is out.

I enjoyed writing about a villain so much yesterday that I decided to go for it again. I didn’t realize until recently that I had all but neglected my villains! To be quite honest, writing for a villain is almost more fun than writing for a hero.

Tobias is actually a general, but…not really. He’s actually not much of a fighter at all. He was a clumsy soldier that got promoted because the empress saw that the people loved him. He’s really just a country bumpkin. He doesn’t have much going for him other than the fact that he’s passionate about helping people which is very rare for soldiers in his country. The empress was trying to pull a smart move and placate the people with at least one good general. He’s good-natured and good at keeping the peace until a real war breaks out. And spoiler alert….

He dies.

Yup. He gets killed, and his death does two things. It teaches my protagonist (Roark) that he isn’t really all that and a bag of chips. And it sends Tobias’s partner into a swirling pit of madness from which I never decided if she recovers.

Once again, he’s one of those characters that I forgot about.

And it was difficult to kill him off. Does anyone else ever have this issue?


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