30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 18


Okay. This one was pretty fun. I tried to keep my facts as interesting as possible!!! ^^

Post 30 facts about yourself.

1.) I’m scared of bugs, especially bugs with stingers. I burst into tears and start to tremble every time I see one or think I see one. I may actually have a slight phobia, but I’ve never been tested. Is there a test for phobias?

2.) I’ve worn glasses for almost all of my life. I believe I got them in Kindergarten. I went through a short contact phase, but then I developed an allergy to them. Grrr….

3.) I’m a ginger by choice. I like dyeing my hair red. Not only does everyone believe it’s natural, but I can pretend that I’m a Weasley!

4.) My favorite play is The Importance of Being Earnest. I listen to it every time I’m in the car for any extended amount of time.

5.) My favorite store is a boutique called Francesca’s. I would spend all my time there if I could.

6.) I can’t dance. It’s bad. I’m beyond clumsy.

7.) I like to sing, but my stage fright is almost paralyzing. My favorite kind of music is recitative (if you count that as a genre), jazz, and folk music.

8.) I can play flute and piano. I’ve dabbled in the ocarina and shamisen too.

9.) I’m 5 feet 9.5 inches tall! (But I wear heels a lot, so I’m usually a little taller.)

10.) I started learning how to cook this year. I love experimenting in the kitchen.

11.) I graduated second in my class from high school.

12.) My favorite outlet for getting rid of anger is playing Assassin’s Creed. (Attacking the bards is fun.)

13.) I have three cats and one dog at home. (I’ll claim only one of the cats and the dog though.) The cats are Theodora Epsilonia Darcy (mine), Nicodemus, and Dippy. The dog is Lucella Desdemona!

14.) I’ve gotten to meet two of my favorite authors: Ted Dekker and Garth Nix.

15.) When I started college, I wanted to study politics and go into national security. Then I took Politics 101 and almost died of boredom.

16.) My two favorite colors are purple and silver.

17.) My favorite animal is the narwhal (coughunicorncough).

18.) The first time I ever played a video game (The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time), the first boss scared me so much that I refused to play the game for another month. That game also became the first game I would ever beat.

19.) My favorite game series of all time is called Fire Emblem.

20.) I’m double-jointed in my knees meaning I can turn my feet backwards!!!

21.) Someday, I want to build my own forge and learn smithing (how to smith? Okay, I’m a little at a loss for the proper way to use this word). I will make swords and armor. Weird? I think it’s cool.

22.) 90% of the time, when I’m in a play I get to play a man. True story. Men get some of the best roles though.

23.) It’s easy to rope me into crazy things. My freshman year, I got to sing part of Bohemian Rhapsody in a classic rock concert at my school. I’ve also MCed an Air Guitar competition and danced (even though I’m terrible) for charity.

24.) I’m in a local sorority on my campus. We are Chi Omicron (XO)!

25.) If I could, I would own an entire closet of formal dresses. Sadly, I have nowhere to wear a ball gown…

26.) I used to hate vegetables, but now they’re really starting to grow on me… I’m a fan of just about anything smothered in ranch (except for pizza).

27.) I absolutely love Hawaiian pizza.

28.) Some guilty pleasures of mine include Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty. Despite technically being an adult, I’m still a kid at heart.

29.) Something about myself that I’m grateful for? I like my skin. I’m terrible at putting on makeup, but because my skin is relatively nice, I don’t feel the need to wear copious amounts.

30.) I like to dress like a hippie (bell bottom jeans, Native American accessories, fringe, crazy colors, etc.) but I’m about as far away from a hippie as you can get.


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