30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 10


Okay…. So, I was a little late (like a whole day) getting this up, but…shhhhhhh. But, I’m going to pretend I didn’t skip it. So here we go. On to the next day!!!

Write about something for which you feel strongly.

I already mentioned in another post that I don’t really feel strongly about many issues. Once again, I could write about something silly. “I strongly feel that more people should believe in unicorns.” I could also take a political stance on something, but wouldn’t that just end in bloodshed in the comment section unless it was the popular opinion? Who am I kidding?!  There would be bloodshed in the comments regardless.

So instead…here’s a little food for thought.

Should athletes in America receive as much praise as they do?

Perhaps I’m a bit biased. I came to school on an academic scholarship. I’ve never been in sports (except for a little soccer when I was younger). I’ve been in choir, art, theatre, and band instead. I see the usefulness in these things, but I also see the usefulness in an active lifestyle. However, since coming to Japan, I’ve changed my stance on athletics. My college in Japan does not have sports teams. They have sports clubs which compete every once in a while, but it’s purely for fun. Students can enjoy the sport they love without being forced to miss class for long tournaments or practice. It’s not exclusive. Someone like me could hang out with the volleyball club if I wanted to.

I know athletics provide scholarship opportunities for many students, which is wonderful, but I’ve seen a lot of athletes struggle to balance classes, workouts, games, and practice. Their grades suffer and for what? Many of them don’t want to become professional athletes. They want an education. For the school itself, athletics is a means of recognition. I’ve also heard more than enough of my fair share of stories about athletes “getting it easy” in classes just so they can play in games.

Am I alone on this? I wish I had a good solution. I know college athletics are a huge source of entertainment as well as scholarship opportunities, but does it really work out in the end?


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