30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3


Oh…pet peeves. I have to talk about my pet peeves. I feel as if I have a lot of them, but when I have to list them out, it’s almost impossible to think of any, but let me give this a shot anyway! (By the way, here’s Day 1 if you’re interested.)

What are your top 3 pet peeves?

1.) When people apologize during a speech or any kind of performance

I’m an apologizer. I apologize when it is my fault, when it isn’t my fault, when things are out of my control, when I’m not even involved… Sometimes I apologize for other people. But I never apologize when the spotlight is on me. That’s the first rule I learned about public speaking and performing in general: never apologize during a performance. I’ve delivered many speeches in both English and Japanese. I’ve been involved with music since third grade. I’ve recently started doing theatre again. Have I been perfect? No. Not at all.

My sophomore year of college, I had a roll in Oedipus the King. During our second show, I screwed up a line I had never screwed up before. I just completely blanked. I stared Oedipus back in the face, opened my mouth a few times as if to say something, and then shrunk back down on the stage into a tiny kneeling ball, completely horrified. Apparently our Oedipus had been so intense that night that the audience assumed my character was too frightened to stand up to him.

Make something up. Anything! I’ve had to improvise Shakespeare before. I’ve completely rewritten verses to songs. As long as you don’t break character, your audience may never know. Unless you apologize. Then we all know that you messed up.

2.) Picky Eating

I love food. All food.  (Okay…maybe not ALL food, but I can probably name the food I won’t eat on one hand.) Nothing bothers me more than seeing someone leave more than half of their food on their plate, especially if I really enjoyed my meal, which I usually do. I want to know what these people taste! And I get even more anxious when I know people will only eat certain things. For the longest time, my little sister would only eat white food. White rice, white pasta with Alfredo sauce, French fries… Now she’s eating better, but for the longest time, I wanted to grab her and yell,  “ENJOY ALL THE FOOD IT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY, AND THEN YOU WON’T DIE.” Don’t get me started on people who won’t try fancy cheese because they’re Velveeta purists….

3.) When keyboard warriors pretend to be activists

I don’t mind if anyone is passionate about something (unless that something hurts others). Be passionate about your religion, your political views, etc. However, I hate it when I see people who do nothing but sit on their bums all day and share articles on FaceBook. (I call these people the Keyboard Warriors. You can usually find them in the comments section of any article with a seemingly political message.) I think if you’re truly passionate about something, you’ll get out and do something. Go teach a Sunday school class, volunteer at a campaign office, clean the park, etc. Be the “active” part of the “activist.” Tweeting hashtags, sharing “save the whale” articles, or tearing people apart in the comments section of a blog may give you some sort of personal satisfaction, but it doesn’t make the world a better place.


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